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1982 Jeep Scrambler

Since there are so many Jeep Scrambler enthusiasts here, I want to share a quick video overview of classic 1982 Jeep Scrambler. This car has original color and just 42,000 miles.

Would you buy this legendary vehicle?
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That Scrambler looks almost pristine and everything is original. That cannot be cheap if someone wanted to buy it. If I was that man I'd keep it for myself and not sell it. A find like that may not happen again.
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I found this 1981 Jeep Scrambler for $42,996 with only 8,980 miles on it. Seems like a fresh model, can't see any defects inside or outside, however, $43k is a little too much for me.
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Okay, I found an even cooler version of Scrambler.

240hp, 420lbs of torque... It's insane. If I had my $150k, I would definitely get this beast.

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150k?? For what?? I understand that this is a rarity, but $150,000 is too much for this pickup. I'd rather go for something newer and more functional for that amount of money.
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I know what you mean and i'm in the same boat but more because i want something with good resale value which in that case is an AEV Brute. It can also be as much as what you see above but at least it serves a much broader market.
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Yeah as cool as these collector trucks are, they certainly don't warrant a $150k price tag in my books. I mean I think you could find one in rough shape and restore it yourself for much less money. But as we know car enthusiasts will spend any amount of money for their dream vehicle. I wonder if we will get some sort of throwback color scheme to the original scramblers.
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